Colonial Penn Life Insurance - Discontued program end 2012, still premium taken out my checking account

Sacramento, California 1 comment
Not resolved

After terminating my insurance and contacting the representative Peggy Ann Mason in Roseville, Ca several times; Colonial Penn Life Insurance Co has been taken the premium of $ 94,47 from my checking account in January and February.Contacted Peggy again, no answer, no results.

Had problem all through last year with my medical bills being paid. Am very frustrated!Hope to get my money back.

Went to ER in January, and bill was refused being paid, and representative wanted me to do the calling to get invoice straightened out, call my primary caregiver because he was not filling out the forms right.

I never had to do this before nor even received an bill!It took the insurance co till November last year to pay the bill and I still had to pay $ 150.00 besides.

Review about: Health Insurance Policy.



If 'they' are still taking it out of your paycheck, you're pissed at the wrong person.Automatic deductions are between you and your employer.

If Colonial Penn is not offering the service, your employer might be leaving the money in their accounts.But the insurance vendor would not be the one adjusting your paycheck withdrawals.

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